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The Perky Peacock is one of my favourite brunch and cafe options. There are limited tables inside, but the most coveted tables are outside along the river, even in the coldest months. 

First of all, the Perky Peacock is basically located in Lendal Bridge, in a round, medieval stone tower. It was originally a toll tower, restricting access across the river Ouse. There was a metal chain slung across the river to a tower on the opposite bank and ships would have to pay the toll to get the chain lifted so they could have access to docks in the centre of town. How’s that for a cafe with history? 

The menu is really small and simple but changes regularly. It usually features only one or two hot dishes, plus a salad or two and an array of baked goods. On this visit Sam and I both opted for toasted scones with chilli jam, avocado (and Sam’s had bacon). That chilli jam is something special. I firmly believe that they should sell it by the jar. 

If they did, I’d be there buying a jar weekly, because I’d be slathering everything I ate in it. 

The Perky Peacock is located at North Street Postern Tower, Under Lendal Bridge, York ,YO1 7DJ. 
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brunch brunch at the perky peacock bacon sandwich bun bacon and avocado sandwich avocado toast avocado toast and chilli jam avocado and bacon

Have you ever been to the Perky Peacock? 

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