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Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || Black Cold Shoulder Swing Dress

I’ve never been one to hop on trend bandwagons. Whilst I veer into a strange combination of norm-core, 60s vintage and Victorian governess, I’ve never been particularly trendy. It’s not an accusation leveled at me. So up until now,…

radley crossbody bag and tote
Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || New Radley Bag

I’ve two new Radley bags that I am just thrilled about. One because I love the classic plushness of a Radley bag and the fact that they make styles that never go out of fashion. Two because I love…

Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || Ode to Double Denim

Today’s look is a nod to the King and Queen of the noughties, Justin and Britney. (Timberlake and Spears for those who might be too young to remember them). I will probably never forget their legendary double denim look…

Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || Falling in love with midi skirts

After years of not liking the style on myself, something clicked, almost overnight and I found myself drawn to midi-skirts. First it was my Marge-inspired stripey, embroidered summer number. And now it’s this much more neutral and year round…

Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || Dungarees

Oh dungarees (or overalls as my American self would say). I’ve loved you ever since I was little. In the 90s, I rocked many different styles. Trouser length, shorts, embroidered. The list goes on and on. And when I…

Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || Statement Shoes for Date Nights

I have long been a fan of wearing flats over heels. In fact, through the years I’ve narrowed my stiletto collection down to zero. That’s right. Zero. I have some beautiful heeled clogs and espadrilles and a few pairs…

Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || Relaxed Trousers

Spring has been nibbling on our heels here in York, but I wouldn’t say that it’s kicked off in full-swing yet. There’ve been about 2 days that I’ve been able to go outside without a jacket and they were…

Fashion Outfits

Outfitting || Welcoming in Spring

It’s still on the nippy side here in York. We had one glorious weekend before the weather took a prompt nosedive toward the frigid though it’s been slowly rising again. But no matter what the weather is actually like,…